What We Do

Pedicure & Manicure

From nail extensions to foot scrubs, we offer top-of-the-line, comprehensive treatments for your hands and feet. We specialize in cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, and groom your nails, hands, feet, and toenails. Our low-risk cosmetic treatments are highly effective.


Looking for an alluring African weave hairstyle to enhance your beauty? We offer trendy and stunning African weave hairstyles, including black curly weave hair, adorable boxed braids, organic and curly afro weave, black and purple spirals, long wavy hair style, and faux locs with weave.


Want to lengthen your locks? We’ve got you covered! Whether you love tape-in hair extensions, or prefer clip-in, bonded, halo hair, or some other hair extension style, visit Mama Africa Beauty Salon Doha Qatar. While the terms of application, texture, and longevity differ for each extension, all will create a naturally long, luxurious hairstyle.


Need the highest quality human hair wigs? Our wigs look and feel 100% natural and allow you to style, cut, curl, straighten, or dye them just like natural hair. Our vibrant wigs masterpieces include those crafted from pure human hair and top-tier synthetic materials. Wig hairstyles are available in different styles and bold colors.

Braids, Dreadlocks, Cornrows

We create beautiful African Braids Qatar, cornbrows, and dreadlocks- ranging from simple to intricate ones – for every length and texture. Popular African braid styles include boxed braids, triangle boxed braids, goddess braids, snake braids, detailed halo braids, knotless braids, spiraled ends, lemonade braids, and fulani braids.


Want your favorite Afro permed hairstyle? You can choose from beautiful curly perms, layered spirals, tight spiral perm, short curly perms, stack perms, classic perms, and multi-textured perms. Our perm styles will make it easier to manage your naturally curly, coily, and kinky hair.

Hair Cutting

We create a wide variety of African hairstyles that girls with straight hair can only dream of.  From black pixie cuts to short cuts, extra short, and tapered haircuts for women, we excel in everything related to your hair cuts. 

You can also go with:

  • Short haircut with tapered sides
  • Short sides long top curls
  • Tristed protective styles with incredible patterns
  • Chic snow white crop
  • Short hair with a razored edge, etc.